University of Utah Registration and Course Completion Procedures

Outlined below are the steps required for students to enroll and complete a course at Utah as a NEXus TEACHING Institution.


1. Course Identification:

Student identifies course/s at

2. Communicate with HOME Faculty Advisor:

Course selections should be approved by the student’s advisor.

3. Contact HOME Institution:

The Campus Faculty Coordinator (CFC) and the Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at the student’s HOME institution need to be contacted about the student’s plan to enroll in a NEXus course.

4. NEXus Tracking: 

Download and submit a completed NEXus Tracking Form  to HOME Campus Staff Coordinator.

5. HOME Institution Consortium Agreement form: 

 If you are receiving financial aid, complete and route your HOME Institution Consortium Agreement Form to have funds applied towards NEXus courses. (see consortium agreement for routing information)

6. Contact TEACHING Institution:  

Incoming students contact Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at University of Utah: 

Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC): Heather Clarkson
Office Phone: 801-581-8269

7. Registration Deadlines:

Students must apply/register according to the deadlines stated by each individual Teaching Institution. Please visit the following link to see important deadline dates:

8. Apply to TEACHING Institution:

Student submits a University of Utah NEXus Application Form.  The student must request this form from Utah CSC directly. CSC works with the Registrar’s Office to register and enroll the student.

9. Student Account: 

The student does not have an account.  All communication is worked through the student and Utah CSC.

10. Student Notification: 

Student is notified by Utah CSC when registration and enrollment is complete.

11. Course Enrollment: 

Utah CSC registers the student for the NEXus class.

12. Platform: 

Courses are taught using Blackboard, Polycom or WIMBA. Polycom requires students to have a webcam, microphone and a high speed internet connection. Depending on the teaching method, students will be given information from Utah CSC to work out technology issues and set up. If the class is Polycom or WIMBA the student needs at least 1 week to test out the connections.

13. Payment: 

The student provides payment to Utah CSC and the tuition is paid as soon as it is due. Utah CSC facilitates this between the student and the Income Accounting office and the Registrar.

14. Teaching Faculty Contact:

When the student returns the University of Utah’s Application form, Utah CSC contacts the instructor to inform them of the interested student.  Utah CSC will cc the student so they will have each other’s email address.

15. Course materials/ Library access:

Once Utah CSC connected the student and the faculty, it is up to the student to find out about the course materials.  The students typically do not have access to the library.

16. Course:  

Student completes course.

17. Add/Drop:

The student needs to contact Utah CSC in order to add or drop a class.  Students MUST drop by the deadline in order to get a full tuition refund.

18. Transcript: 

Student requests a transcript from the Registrar.  The fee is $5.  The website is:

19. Other:  

The student does not need to apply to the Graduate School.  There is no application fee and students are not required to provide transcripts to the University of Utah.

If a student enrolls in two courses within an academic year, the student just needs to email a request with the class information that they are interested in.

If a student enrolls in two different academic calendar years, the student just needs to email a request with the class information that they are interested in.


Glossary of terms

CSC – Campus Staff Coordinator

CFC – Campus Faculty Coordinator

HOME – Institution student will obtain degree from

TEACHING – Institution student is taking course from