University of Northern Colorado Registration and Course Completion Procedures

Outlined below are the steps required for students to enroll and complete a course at UNC as a NEXus TEACHING Institution.


1. Course Identification:

Student identifies course/s at

2. Communicate with HOME Faculty Advisor:

Course selections should be approved by the student’s advisor.

3. Contact HOME Institution:

The Campus Faculty Coordinator (CFC) and the Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at the student’s HOME institution need to be contacted about the student’s plan to enroll in a NEXus course.

4. NEXus Tracking: 

Download and submit a completed NEXus Tracking Form  to HOME Campus Staff Coordinator.

5. HOME Institution Consortium Agreement form:  

If you are receiving financial aid, complete and route your HOME Institution Consortium Agreement Form to have funds applied towards NEXus courses. (see consortium agreement for routing information)

6. Contact TEACHING Institution: 

Incoming students contact Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at UNC to confirm that the course is a good fit, and the CFC refers the student to the UNC CSC for assistance with the registration process.

Campus Staff Coordinator: Ann O'Connor
Phone: 970-351-3209

Campus Faculty Coordinator: Vicki Wilson
Phone: 970-351-1295

7. Registration Deadlines:

Students must apply/register according to the deadlines stated by each individual Teaching Institution. Please visit the following link to see important deadline dates:

8. Apply to TEACHING Institution:

CSC will assist the student in submitting a Quick Admit form.

9. Student Account: 

Student account information from UNC will be forwarded to the student

10. Student Notification: 

UNC sends the student Bear Number, library information, UNC email address, etc.

11. Course Enrollment: 

The UNC CSC enrolls the student.

12. Platform: 

Once issued Bear number, student is able to access Blackboard and a tutorial is available. There is an optional online Blackboard orientation available, along with other student resources.

13. Payment: 

When the student registers, Banner generates a bill that is available to pay through E-Bill on the student’s URSA account or they can call the accounting office at (970)351-2201(usually within 48 hr) and pay over the phone.

14. Teaching Faculty Contact: 

The student logs on to Blackboard the first day of class. The UNC CFC will have notified the faculty member that a NEXus student is registered.

15. Course materials/ Library access:

The syllabus and information about books and materials will be on Blackboard.Some faculty email information earlier using the email on Blackboard so any student registered would get the information.

16. Course:  

Student completes course.

17. Add/Drop:

The student must notify the Instructor, CSC and CFC of both Home and Teaching institutions.

18. Transcript:

Student requests a transcript from Registrar to be sent to the HOME institution. The student will need to pay fee using online ordering system and then complete the NEXus transcript reimbursement form along with a copy of their e-receipt to UNC CSC for reimbursement.

Please contact the TEACHING institution Campus Staff Coordinator for questions.

19. Other:  

For additional information visit:



Glossary of terms

CSC – Campus Staff Coordinator

CFC – Campus Faculty Coordinator

HOME – Institution student will obtain degree from

TEACHING – Institution student is taking course from