The University of Iowa Registration and Course Completion Procedures

Outlined below are the steps required for students to enroll and complete a course at Iowa as a NEXus TEACHING Institution.


1. Course Identification:

Student identifies course/s at

2. Communicate with HOME Faculty Advisor:

Course selections should be approved by the student’s advisor.

3. Contact HOME Institution:

The Campus Faculty Coordinator (CFC) and the Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at the student’s HOME institution need to be contacted about the student’s plan to enroll in a NEXus course.

4. NEXus Tracking: 

Download and submit a completed NEXus Tracking Form  to HOME Campus Staff Coordinator.

5. HOME Institution Consortium Agreement form: 

 If you are receiving financial aid, complete and route your HOME Institution Consortium Agreement Form to have funds applied towards NEXus courses. (see consortium agreement for routing information)

6. Contact TEACHING Institution:  

Incoming students contact Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at The University of Iowa: 

Campus Staff Coordinators (CSC): Lin Pierce
Office Phone: 319-335-7012
FAX: 319-355-9990
Email: (prefered contact method)

Campus Faculty coordinator (CFC): Dr. Thad Wilson
Office Phone: 319-335-8210

7. Registration Deadlines:

Students must apply/register according to the deadlines stated by each individual Teaching Institution. Please visit the following link to see important deadline dates:

8. Apply to TEACHING Institution:

Student submits a University of Iowa Registration Form (IOWA NEXus Registration Form) to the Teaching Campus Staff Coordinator.

9. Student Account: 

The student will have access to The University of Iowa’s sites: MyUI (ISIS), ICON, and Hawkmail emails will be routed to the email address they supply on their application (step 8).

10. Student Notification: 

Teaching CSC notifies the student by their provided email when registration and enrollment is complete.

11. Course Enrollment: 

Teaching CSC to enroll the student for the identified NEXus University of Iowa course.

12. Platform: 

Courses are typically taught through ICON, Iowa’s online course portal. Students log on with their provided Iowa hawkID and chosen password. ICON works best with Firefox and Chrome. Students are able to learn about ICON through this website: UI - ICON Student Help.

13. Payment: 

Student will pay their tuition through their U-Bill on University of Iowa’s website,MyUI (ISIS), by the due date. 

14. Teaching Faculty Contact:

When the student returns the University of Iowa Registration Form, the Campus Staff Coordinator contacts the teaching faculty to inform them of the enrolling student. Campus Staff Coordinator will cc the student on this email, so both student and teaching faculty have each other’s email addresses.

15. Course materials/ Library access:

Once CSC connects the student and the teaching faculty, it is up to the student to obtain information about the course materials needed (i.e. textbooks, software, etc.) for each enrolled course. The student have access to UI - Distance Education Library Services

16. Course:  

Student is responsible to be aware of and meet all of the course(s) deadlines, exams, and course work as assigned. Student should contact the teaching faculty about the coursework and any course related issues that may arise concerning during the academic semester.

17. Add/Drop:

The student needs to contact the Teaching CSC in order to add or drop a course. Students MUST drop by Iowa’s deadline in order to get a full tuition refund. After the initial course drop deadline, the student is subject to the Drop or Withdraw Tuition Responsibility rules as the semester progresses, depending on number of courses enrolled each semester.

18. Transcript: 

Students will use MyUI ( to place their transcript request, using their HawkID and password.  University of Iowa transcripts processed on or after August 1, 2016 are free (expedited delivery fee may apply).

19. Other:  

The student does not need to apply to the Graduate College. An application is submitted to the Teaching Campus Staff Coordinator directly. There is no application fee and students are not required to provide transcripts to The University of Iowa.


Glossary of terms

CSC – Campus Staff Coordinator

CFC – Campus Faculty Coordinator

HOME – Institution student will obtain degree from

TEACHING – Institution student is taking course from